IncrEDIBLE Edible Community Foodbowl

I am so taken by this community concept that I have to share this feature on the IncrEDIBLE Edible project in the English town of Todmorden. It’s testament to their community spirit and shows how successful a simple concept of reconnecting with food and transforming a community space into a shared food bowl can be. Food can bring a community together on so many different levels, not just locally but around the world, and its that open willingness to give that touches so many. The time, love and effort that is put into this project, the beauty and transformation of a town, the respect for the work that has gone into it and the appreciation from locals as to what this project has brought to them. It beautifies the town, educates the community, attracts visitors, increases health with access to fresh local produce and brings a community together. It’s sustainable and it is living proof that it can be done. How much fun would it be to have your town as a giant shared food bowl?

Take a look at this fabulous video, full of quirky characters, it’s truly inspiring!

Read more:


Tomatoes growing outside the police station



Apothecary Garden in the grounds of Todmorden Health Centre;

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