Organic – How can one simple word have so many meanings?

100-Percent-Organic-LabelRecently I have noticed a lot of mixed reactions and preconceptions regarding the word ‘organic’. Not surprising as its use has taken on many meanings since it was derived. Organic originates from the Greek word organikos, meaning of, or pertaining to an organ. The definition was later generalised to “relating to, or derived from living organisms”. Since then interpretations of the word organic have expanded and changed over time, now covering a whole range of new-age definitions, for example:

1. In chemistry, the word organic is used to describe all items that contain the element carbon.

2. In agriculture, the word organic is used to describe food that is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

3. In physiology, the word organic relates to a bodily organ or organs.

4. In business, the word organic can describe an organisation that is able to adapt to changes in its environment relatively easily.

5. In society, the word organic can describe an organisation with parts that are interconnected as an organic whole.

6. In principle, the word organic can be characterised by gradual or natural development e.g. the organic growth of community projects

7. On the internet, the word organic is used to describe a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.

The Organic Experience is a combination of all these ‘organic’ definitions. The tour has been growing organically since August 2011, formulated from parts (the people and places we visit) that are interconnected as a whole (the tour). Connecting with food and nature, that is derived from living organisms, that rely on carbon as the essential element to life. As the tour grows it adapts and changes to seasons and cycles, and its heart beats the message of reconnecting to our organic selves.

We choose to visit growers that are organic, biodynamic OR who practice sustainable farming principles OR active land management. Supporting local is the first important step of transitioning towards a healthy sustainable future.

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