A Locally Grown Christmas Lunch!

Leeandra from Love – Lee Cooking and Jo from Quirky Cooking will be presenting an organic, local, seasonal, Christmas lunch which will be located on top of Halloran’s Hill, with a gorgeous view, delicious food, and great company! If you’re in the area, come along. We’ll be talking about our wholefood, sustainable way of eating, and sharing lots of real food tips!

Limited Space – Bookings Essential!
To book follow the link here – or text Emma on 0438174947 or email myorganicexperience@gmail.com


Organic – How can one simple word have so many meanings?

100-Percent-Organic-LabelRecently I have noticed a lot of mixed reactions and preconceptions regarding the word ‘organic’. Not surprising as its use has taken on many meanings since it was derived. Organic originates from the Greek word organikos, meaning of, or pertaining to an organ. The definition was later generalised to “relating to, or derived from living organisms”. Since then interpretations of the word organic have expanded and changed over time, now covering a whole range of new-age definitions, for example:

1. In chemistry, the word organic is used to describe all items that contain the element carbon.

2. In agriculture, the word organic is used to describe food that is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

3. In physiology, the word organic relates to a bodily organ or organs.

4. In business, the word organic can describe an organisation that is able to adapt to changes in its environment relatively easily.

5. In society, the word organic can describe an organisation with parts that are interconnected as an organic whole.

6. In principle, the word organic can be characterised by gradual or natural development e.g. the organic growth of community projects

7. On the internet, the word organic is used to describe a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.

The Organic Experience is a combination of all these ‘organic’ definitions. The tour has been growing organically since August 2011, formulated from parts (the people and places we visit) that are interconnected as a whole (the tour). Connecting with food and nature, that is derived from living organisms, that rely on carbon as the essential element to life. As the tour grows it adapts and changes to seasons and cycles, and its heart beats the message of reconnecting to our organic selves.

We choose to visit growers that are organic, biodynamic OR who practice sustainable farming principles OR active land management. Supporting local is the first important step of transitioning towards a healthy sustainable future.

A Unique Tour

The Organic Experience is a very special and unique tour that has a purpose to fulfill. If we want to make change in the world we have to educate ourselves, education comes from sharing knowledge and ideas, inspiring others to embrace change for the sake of our planet and future generations.

IncrEDIBLE Edible Community Foodbowl

I am so taken by this community concept that I have to share this feature on the IncrEDIBLE Edible project in the English town of Todmorden. It’s testament to their community spirit and shows how successful a simple concept of reconnecting with food and transforming a community space into a shared food bowl can be. Food can bring a community together on so many different levels, not just locally but around the world, and its that open willingness to give that touches so many. The time, love and effort that is put into this project, the beauty and transformation of a town, the respect for the work that has gone into it and the appreciation from locals as to what this project has brought to them. It beautifies the town, educates the community, attracts visitors, increases health with access to fresh local produce and brings a community together. It’s sustainable and it is living proof that it can be done. How much fun would it be to have your town as a giant shared food bowl?

Take a look at this fabulous video, full of quirky characters, it’s truly inspiring!

Read more: sustainabletable.org.au


Tomatoes growing outside the police station



Apothecary Garden in the grounds of Todmorden Health Centre;

Upcoming: Fermented Foods Workshop

IMG_1329If anyone is interested in learning about fermented foods then Wayne will be hosting another workshop at Brolgas Pass New Earth Sanctuary. This is a beautiful spot to share the virtues of fermented foods and take away some valuable information on health & wellbeing.
Set aside 30th November from 10am to 1pm for another informative workshop on the virtues of fermented foods at Brolgas Pass. Bring a plate of your favourite food for a shared lunch under the shade of the old Black Bean tree. Wayne presents ways where you can take control of your health and well being.
Cost $40.

Realfood Network | We did it! 4 years!!

Week 208 – 7 November 2013
We Did It! 4 Years!
Realfood Shop
For those who don’t know, this is our 208th week and 4th Anniversary of uninterrupted RealFood Box deliveries. For those who do know, thank you to the hundreds of subscribers and volunteers who got us here.

What started as our own funky way of ensuring consistent community access to local fresh food and creating local markets for local producers has developed into something much more fundamental. Beyond our original objectives, this has really been about community taking responsibility for its own food, often enabled through self-organising structures. Every time things were falling apart, it seems someone would step up and say ‘I can sort that.’ And often, besides resolving the challenge of the moment, we have made a new friend and added another solution to our bag of tricks.

Unconventional as our methods may be, if we want to continue to enjoy the freshest products, knowing where, how and by whom they are grown, we know we can’t wait for someone else to do it for us. And if we want to retain our small family poly-culture farms, our rich social fabric and healthy rural communities, we can’t hold our breath either. And perhaps that is good – that we do it ourselves. Our continuing reliance on government and big business for the last couple of generations has only mad us weaker, fatter and more complacent. So get involved and go local.

We all owe each other a collective “Thanks.” Sadly (or gratefully), all the names won’t fit on a double-sided A4. So clap your hands, say “thanks” real loud and pat yourself on the back. We’ll memorialize it on the website later.

About the $50 – RealFood Box

The Box comes out every Thursday. Filled with seasonal vegetables and fruits you get a minimum of 15 different types of fruit and veg delivered to your RealFood Box pick-up location or “Node” . We’re currently working together with 86 local farming families throughout the year. We deliver diversity and high quality food at the best competitive prices. Our food is fresh. It’s in the box within 36 hours of it being leaving the farm. The box differs every week.

You should join the RealFood Network if you care about:
– eating Local and supporting our local farmers
– assisting farmers in their Transition to Organic growing
– Restorative land care and business practices
– where and how your food was grown
– Reducing our carbon footprint
-(re) learning more about the food that your family eats

Note: The Box has 15 – 20 (sometimes more) items each week (roughly a $30 farm spend and $55 – $65 value in the supermarkets). At $50 we simply can’t put more in the Box. And many families struggle to get through the volume already. Meanwhile we actually have 40 – 50 fresh farm products each week, many of which are in short supply, cost too much or are too ‘exotic’ to put in the box (cassava, taro, durian). These items end up at our Markets and the RFN Shop. So please come see us there to see all the other wonderful products being grown and produced locally.

The RealFood Network Shop:
There are about 200+/- value-add food producers in FNQ (sauces, jams, oils, etc). It has always been our intention to add these to the product stable. But we knew we had to get the fresh product right first. With 100+ farmers with fresh product, we now feel pretty comfortable expanding the other lines. It will be slow going, because we need to learn as we go and we don’t have the capital ($) to invest in inventory. Each line will need to finance itself, a case-at-a-time. And it will start in the Shop. Right now, you will find:

  • Yamagishi Happy Eggs
  • Mungalli Dairy Full Cream Milk, Natural Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Bio-eggs
  • LoveLee Cooking – Organic Jam, Sauce, Kasundi, Chutney – made with local ingredients
  • Local Honey Daintree Tea

We hope to have soon: Skybury Coffee and Kaizi’s Traditional Coconut Oil and related products.