“Great idea – wish you more success!”

“Loved Claytons guiding”

“Different to other tours”

“Keep Clayton on the staff”

“Great – very informative”

Review by Reflect Health:

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“It was fantastic, mum and I loved it. We would definately come on a daintree one!  If I had to pick a negative it would be that we were so full afterwards that it hurt – but the food was amazing! Well worth the belly ache!  Definately keep me posted!”  Megan

“Excellent – enjoyable day”

“Awesome, inspiring, fun”

“Amazing, awesome, loved it all. Keep in touch you are doing a good thing” Brock

“Excellent AAA+++, Good value for $$$”

“Excellent – informative”

“Enjoyable & unique”

Review by Your Movement Health & Fitness

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“100% organic – totally awesome experience”

“Totally satisfied – very full belly!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day & learning with other like minded people. THANK YOU!”

“A nice day out with like-minded folk”

“Fantastic – I loved the last farm & the coconut place.”

“Wonderful inspiring day, all hosts were very friendly & warm”

“Great bunch of people”


“Fantastic day so much to see and learn”

“Enjoyable, relaxing, quality food & informative”

“Excellent, relaxing, educational, entertaining & friendly”

“Well planned, well timed”

“Loved Jude & Joes place”

“Great day, well fed, great info & people”

“Fun, interesting & inspiring 8/10”

“Excellent day, met nice people & learnt heaps”

“Well organised day which seemed seamless, well done”

“Really enjoyable – $ worth”

“Fantastic!! Well done Emma. Meeting new like minded people/being able to buy stuff you can’t easily get in Cairns”

“Wonderful Emma!! Will be spreading the word & coming again. Feeling inspired 🙂 The whole experience was varied & great information. Sjoerd as a guide was very passionate!”

“Fantastic – would definitely do another”

“Brilliant – all the places we visited were so different!”

“Informative and enjoyable”

“Couldn’t think of anything to improve – Great day”

“This was my first experience about organics – learnt something – it was a very enjoyable day”

“Informative, well balanced number of visits and well planned”

“Thank you Emma, I am still on a high from Saturday, really and truly.  I know it sounds silly but I am very much  into everything like that!”

“I really enjoyed my day, every place we visited and the friendly and informative guides and participants”