Private Charters

Private charters can be organised from 2 people up to 24 people on any given date (subject to availability). Tours can be tailored to suit specific interests such as permaculture, food trails, wellness, farm tours. We have a menu of places on the Atherton Tablelands and surrounding areas to choose from. Please enquire so we can discuss your requirements further.

Permaculture Tours

Veggie PatchGain an insight into the principles of permaculture, taking a visit to new and established permaculture gardens around the region. Permaculture can be described as philosophy of working with, rather than against nature, by cleverly designing natural systems in your garden which in turn can save yourself a lot of work, save energy, eliminate waste and protect the environment. Anyone can practice permaculture, in every climate and on every scale. They can be applied to whole villages or housing estates, or to a tiny backyard or balcony (which can be done very easily). Be inspired by thoughtful, clever design that will see you taking home an abundance of ideas for implementing your own food garden.

Wellness & Superfood Trail

kaiziWe are fortunate enough to live in a region where local food is in abundance and the climate is ideal for growing a whole spectrum of nutrient dense food. Learn about the importance of buying local for you, your family, the community and your farmer. Visit Kaizi’s Traditional Coconut Oil, a small family business that has grown through formulating coconut oil using traditonal methods with no added enzymes, yeast, anti-oxidants, additives or chemicals are used. Learn about the benefits of coconut oil for your skin and your health.  Visit the House of Chia and learn why Chia seed and Chia tea has become a popular superfood. Just as a plant is dependent on good soil biology for good health, our health needs good biology in our gut as this forms the foundation for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Fermented foods are a rich source of good bacteria which can actually restore and balance the flora in your gut leading to better vitamin and nutrient absorption. Discover the health benefits of locally made kefir water and sample some fermented foods.

Farm Tours

IMG_1943Get into nature and onto the farm. Visit a vanilla plantation, learn about biodynamic farming principles at Mungalli Creek Dairy, get stuck in the mud with the piggies at Sunnyville Free Range Pastured Pigs farm. The opportunities are endless as the Atherton Tablelands provides a rich fertile plateau of which to explore. Being out in nature and connecting with our food source, will have you returning home feeling invigorated and alive!



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